Arborist in North Las Vegas

New Landscape wants your surroundings to look well-maintained and safe. That’s why we offer a wide range of affordable arborist services in North Las Vegas. From stump grinding to brush clearing, our staff can improve your landscape and maintain the health of your trees. We’ll develop a tree service plan to suit both your needs and budget.

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New Landscape’s Full-Service Arborists

Looking to plant a new set of trees on your property or repair and replace your existing plants? We have years of experience in tree planting and transplanting, and we understand every detail counts when it comes to your landscape.

Whether you need small-scale planting or full uprooting services, our professional arborists make sure we cover all the bases. From land management to planting, we offer comprehensive services, such as:

  • Stump grinding and removal
  • Tree trimming
  • Tree removal
  • Tree consultation
  • Land clearing
  • Root management

We go the extra mile to make sure you get local arborist services done the right way.

Tree Planting Appointments with Consulting Arborists

Not sure how much of your trees or brush you want us to clear? Need help choosing the right plants to complement your space? Our team of tree arborists offers consulting services to reflect the layout of your land. Whether you need help selecting trees for a smaller budget or a commercial landscape project, you can depend on us to provide trusted tree arborist services without breaking your budget.

No matter the scale of your project, we provide full consultations and a range of options for you. Our local arborists will introduce you to tools of the trade that you need to plan out an appealing and well-maintained space, complete with fresh trees.

Leaf Trimming and Tree Removal by Our Arborists

Instead of putting in the research and leg work on your own, trust us to take care of the heavy lifting and remove existing trees from your property before planting new ones. Our certified arborists can lay the groundwork for a space that will allow your new trees to thrive for years to come.

let your leaves take up more space than they need to–our arborists make sure your shrubbery and plants live a long life with regular maintenance schedules.

We will also care for any diseased trees causing harm to your environment. With our stump and root removal services we will make sure your new trees have a safe place to grow.

Call Us to Find a Certified Arborist in North Las Vegas

Whether you have a pesky tree causing trouble on your land or want to revitalize your space with new additions, our team of arborists has you covered. From the first step to the last, we put your needs first to make sure you’re satisfied with your landscape for years to come.

There’s a reason so many clients turn to us to take care of their tree care needs. Contact us now at (702) 750-6663 to get started on your new and improved landscape.